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Jorge Edwards Biography

Jorge Edwards Biography

Jorge Edwards was born in Santiago de Chile, in 1931, and undertook a degree in diplomatic studies and graduated in Law at the Universidad de Chile. Afterwards he carried out postgraduate studies in the University of Princeton. In 1957 he started working as a dimplomatic, where he has undertaken the posts of Member of the Governing Council in Lima and Secretary of the Chile Embassy in Paris and in EEC at the time. Furthermore, he was chief of the Department of Eastern Europe and embassador in La Habana between 1970 and 1973. He also has occupied the post of legal adviser of the national secretary of LAFTA and has participated in the project of the Latin American common market.

When Salvador Allende is overthrown in 1973, Jorge Edwards is stripped of his charges and he goes to the exile in Barcelona. From that moment, Edward publishes a series of books about the political situation of Latin America, although his love for literature is manifested when he is twenty years old, age in which he publishes his first collection of short stories.

In 1974 publishes "Persona non grata", that was censured in Chile and in Cuba. In 1977, he obtained the World Essay Award with his book "Desde la cola del dragón".

In 1978, he returned to Chile, where he resided for some time. Lately, he was nominated embassador for Chile in the UNESCO, which has its headquarters in Paris, city in he actually resides.

Edwards contributed to set up, along with the Chile Writers Society, the commission for the Defense for the Free Expression. In 1982 he became a member of the Academia de la Lengua de Chile.

Amongst Jorge Edwards works are highlighted: "El peso de la noche", "Los convidados de piedra" (1978), "El museo de cera" (1981) and "La mujer imaginaria" (1985). Furthermore he has written the short stories: "El patio"; "Gente de la ciudad"; "Las máscaras" and "Temas y variaciones".
In 1988 he entered the Committee for Free Elections in Chile. A year later he collaborated regularly with "Diario 16" in its opinion pages. In May 1990 it was published in Spain the compilation of his "Cuentos completos". In August 1990, Edwards assisted in México D.F to the world meeting of intelectuals called "20th Century: the experience of freedom". In September of that year, Jorge Edwards obtained the Tercer Premio Comillas de Biografía, for his work "Adios Poeta". Edwards presented this work in November 1990, simultaneously in México y Chile.

Jorge Edwards published in Argentina the book "Incómoda Memoria" in 1991, and in 1992 he published the book of love-erotic short stories called "Fantasma de carne y hueso". That same year, Jorge Edwards was candidate to the Miguel de Cervantes Award 1992.

In June 1994, Jorge Edwards accepted the post of Embassador for Cile before the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which has its headquarters in Paris.

In summertime 1994 he wrote a short novel " El genio de la botella". Lately, in September 1994, Edwards was awarded with the National Literature Award 1994 of Chile.

In September 1994 he travelled to Moscow to participate in a literary event, "La Rusia de Pablo Neruda", and at that time, he collected his journal chronicles written during a period of more than 20 years in the book "El whisky de los poetas".
Jorge Edwards announced, in December 1995, that he would step down of his post as embassador for Chile before the UNESCO in 1996, for some disagreements with the Chancellery. Edwards complained that he had not received from the Government enough support to be a candidate for the presindency of the Executive Council of the UNESCO, and also that that work did not allow him to do his work as a writer, howevever, in the end he did not setp down of his post.
Edwards announced the publishing in French of three of his short stories, illustrated by the painter Roberto Matta. Lately, Edwards presented in 1996 his book "El origen del mundo", a novel set in the present Paris and which its main charaters are a group of exiled Chilean. It is based on the work of the same name, of the French Gustave Couvert.

Jorge Edwards was one of the candidates for the Príncipe of Asturias of Literature Award in 1999, but he did not obtain it.

In 1999 he published his work "El sueño de la historia", historic novel that makes a portrait of Santiago de Chile through his arquitecture.

He has been member of several literature award pannels. Amongst them stand out the National Award of Literature in 1996, the Argentinian José Hernández Award, the Juan Rulfo Award or the el Alfaguara de Novela Award II.

Edwards has been the speaker of many conferences, has attended to many seminars held in Spain, and summer courses in Spanish universities and has participated in many conferences and meetings with writers.

He was granted the Award Miguel de Cervantes de literatura 1999, in 2000 is the tewnty-fifth author that obtains this Award, the most prestigious that is awarded in Latin-America to a literary author for his life-work.

He is an habitual collaborator of the Spanish "El País".

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