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Primary Schools at the Instituto Cervantes in Manchester

The Instituto Cervantes in Manchester offers a programme of Spanish activities for primary school students, delivered by a team of experienced teachers who specialise in working with children.
The programme has been carried out successfully by the Instituto Cervantes with numerous primary schools; however we are also open to suggestions and proposals.
The activities can take place at the Instituto Cervantes or at the school’s premises.
Requests should be made at least one month in advance and are dependant on the teachers´ availability.

Ages groups: 5-7 (KS1) and 8-10 (KS2)

Two hour programme:

Hour 1:

* Presentation by the Instituto Cervantes
* Icebreakers in Spanish
* Spanish dance activity

Hour 2:

* Tour of the library
* Activities using the online platform
“Hola Amigos”
* Games in Spanish: quizzes etc.

Extra Activity

* Film “Tadeo Jones” (90mins)

To receive more information about prices and availability, please contact: cenman@cervantes.es

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