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General information

The Instituto Cervantes is the official place to learn Spanish in Manchester. We offer comprehensive Spanish courses for all levels, from complete beginners to proficiency, aimed at developing the students’ ability to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish. All our teachers, whose mother tongue is Spanish, are university qualified and have trained specifically to teach Spanish as a foreign language using the most up-to-date teaching methods.

In addition to our general Spanish courses we offer a wide range of more specific courses such as Spanish online courses; courses to prepare for the DELE Spanish official exams, GCSE, AS and A2 levels; general business Spanish; translation, language & culture (literature, cinema, history); conversation courses; latin dance and drama; Spanish for children; and teacher training courses. Other courses and private and corporate tuition are also available on demand.

For further information please keep on reading or click on the vertical menu on the left. To enrol please contact us on 0161 661 4200/1 , Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 19:30.

General Courses  

The Instituto Cervantes’ general Spanish language courses correspond to the six levels established by the Council of Europe in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

A1 (Breakthrough): Courses Inicial 1 and Inicial 2

A2 (Waystage): Courses Elemental 1, Elemental 2 and Elemental 3

B1 (Threshold): Courses Intermedio 1, Intermedio 2, Intermedio 3 and Intermedio 4

B2 (Vantage): Courses Avanzado 1, Avanzado 2, Avanzado 3 and Avanzado 4

C1 (Proficiency): Courses Superior 1, Superior 2, Superior 3, Superior 4, Superior 5

C2 (Mastery): Curso de Perfeccionamiento

General Courses

  • 30 hours over ten weeks, one three hour session per week (+)
  • 30 hours over twelve weeks, one two-and-a-half hour session per week (+)
  • 30 hours over five weeks, two three hour sessions per week . (+)

Special Courses

  • 20 hours over ten weeks, one three hour session per week. (+)

Dance Courses

  • 20 hours over ten weeks, one three hour session per week.(+)

Children Courses

  • 20 hours over ten weeks, one three hour session per week. (+)

Cursos de formación de profesores

  • 30 hours of taught classes divided in ten workshops of three hours each one. (+)

On-line Courses

  • AVE. Courses (+)
  • AVE DELE Courses (+)


The teaching staff is specialised in the most up-to-date techniques for teaching Spanish as a foreign language and all our teachers receive training and improvement courses every year as the result of our desire to offer a quality service to our students.

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